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All slots online are a source of both joy and entertainment. In addition, casino slots are a fun way to win money. Here you will find the latest additions of pokies to the gaming market.  Take a look at our tips on how to win more and visit the casinos below for the best pokies and slot machines

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Handpicked online casinos in New Zealand:


The casino for me and you

  • 300 bonus
    • 200 free spins


Generous free spins welcome offer

  • $1 000 casino bonus
  • 50 free spins

Hello casino

Generous welcome offer

  • $1 500 casino bonus
  • 50 free spins


Excellent bonus and create your own avatar

  • 100 % up to $ 500 casino bonus
  • 200 free spins

My chance

Current all time high jackpot

  • $1 000 casino bonus
  • 70 free spins

Lucky Dino

Play real money before deposit

  • $5 casino bonus (before deposit)
  • 30 free spins

Casino Jefe

The spanish cat invites you on a casino adventure

  • $300 casino bonus
  • 11 free spins (before deposit!)


One of the big casino adventures

  • 100 % up to $2 000 casino bonus
  • 20 free spins


Real rewards - No bullshit

  • 200 % up to $50 casino bonus
  • 50 free spins


Modern casino with fast withdrawal

  • $850 casino bonus
  • 20 free spins


Casino in the bush

  • $5 000 casino bonus
  • 50 free spins


Play Ouroboros

  • $100 casino bonus
  • 20 free spins


A generous welcome package

  • $500 casino bonus
  • 20 free spins

Voodoo dreams

Fast withdrawals. Easy to play.

  • $1 000 casino bonus
  • 200 free spins

NY spins

Big city life experience

  • $1 000 casino bonus
  • 200 free spins


Sports - Casino - Poker

  • 200 % up to $50 casino bonus
  • 20 free spins

Wild Jackpots

Generous slot -and casino park with 600+ games

  • 200 % casino bonus
  • Free spins on Book of dead


All you need from an online casino at one place

  • 50 % up to $500 casino bonus
  • 50 free spins


Become a Cherry winner

  • 200 free spins


A truly magical casino

  • Welcome treasure chest

Over 1 000 games - King

  • up to 200 % casino bonus
  • 30 free spins


Great mobile app & no account

  • 200 % up to $500 casino bonus
  • 50 free spins


The new lottery casino in town!

  • 100% up to $200 casino bonus
    • 50 (10 per day) free spins!
      • Low, competitive wagering requirements!


Play online lottery online

  • $500 casino bonus
  • 50 free spins


A new casino experience is brewing

  • $210 casino bonus
  • 210 free spins


Easy and fun

  • 100 % up to $100 casino bonus
  • 5 free spins


Explore the world of Guts

  • 100+ free spins


Great mobile app & 10% cashback

  • 100 % up to $100 casino bonus
  • 11 free spins


Be good. Be bad. Be yourself.

  • 200 % up to $50 casino bonus
  • 50 free spins


Rising star in gaming

  • Up to 12 000 Volt points
  • 300 Cash spins

Vegas casino

Las Vegas style online casino

  • $500 casino bonus
  • 20 free spins


Make your move

  • $50 casino bonus
  • 50 free spins

Split Aces

True real life casino experience

  • 400 % up to $1 000 casino bonus
  • 20 free spins

Spin up

Tons of slots at your fingertips

  • 300 % up to $1 000 casino bonus
  • 100 free spins

Terms and Conditions apply for all bonuses. Must be 18+ to participate.

Slot machines and pokies online:

Slot machines, along with online Roulette, are one of the casino industry’s most popular games. The history of slot machines dates back as far as the 1800s, over 100 years before the world’s first online casino was created.

Slot machines are for those players who prefer to let chance control everything when investing money. Therefore it differs from more strategic games like online Blackjack.

However, there is a lot that has changed from the very first slot machines that were manufactured, and the modern ones we play on today. tey are however basically the same thing – a number of wheels, rows and odds.

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About our casino slot machines nz:

Slot machines, also known as video slots, are one of the most popular games in the casino industry. It is a game that people from all around the world have played well before the first online casino was launched.

The very first casino slot machine was manufactured in 1887 in the United States and it was manufactured to mimic another popular game, namely poker.

The idea was that the game would work as an automated poker game but that wasn’t really how it ended up. Instead, it became the beginning of a completely different type of casino game. The original concept was soon developed into today’s Video Poker.

“The slot machines have changed, modernized and advanced over the years that have passed. Today there is an uncountable number of slots to play. Despite the fact that there is already a large selection of casino slot machines out there, there are always new ones on the rise.”

Online slots real money

Today, there are many different kinds of video slots thanks to today’s skilled and creative game developers. There are, among other things, casino slots that contain progressive jackpots that increase in value for every second played. There are also casino slots with innovative bonus games that allow you to win extra big winnings. Besides that is a whole slew of special symbols that generate everything from free spins to re-spins and much, much more.

What makes today’s online casino slot machines more fun is that they usually revolve around a fun gaming theme. Here there seem to be no restrictions whatsoever on what theme a slot machine online can have. The game’s features also tend to be tailored to the game’s theme which makes it extra unique and gives it extra character.

However, there are some things that all slot machines have in common regardless of function and theme. Slot machines online always consist of a number of reels, rows and pay lines or winning modes.

The classic arrangement of a slot machine consists of five reels that have three rows each. Along the lines of the reels, there are a number of pay lines. If the game has fixed pay lines. Then the symbols need to go along predetermined patterns in order to win. It is usually required that three similar symbols fall along a pay line, on adjacent reels, in order to win.

If a slot machine is made up of a profit proof, the symbols do not have to end up with a predetermined profit pattern. they still, however, have to end up on adjacent wheels in order to win. This is the most traditional arrangement of real slot machine games.

The number of wheels, rows and pay lines can differ greatly from one real casino slot machine to another. For example, some deluxe slot machines may have five reels with five rows each and over 1000 winnings Other may take three reels, three rows and 10 pay lines.

New online pokies and online slots real money nz

A lot has happened in the industry since the very first online slots were created. The casino industry never seems to stop or stagnate as new games are constantly being produced with new  -and innovative features.

We can only say that we are extremely impressed by the game developers. The ones who make and launch new prime slots for the casino industry every year.

You usually come across a whole variety of real money slot machines online these days. No matter which game you choose to play, you will enjoy a very fun and entertaining game experience.

Slot machines with bonus games:

The technology and digitalization have enabled game developers to give gaming machines new features and special symbols.  There are some special symbols that are now common features in most modern videoslots and you can read briefly about these below.

  • Wild Symbols – Wild symbols in real money slots nz work briefly as a card game joker. The wild symbol has the ability to replace ordinary symbols to help create a win.
    For example, if two similar symbols land on the first and second wheels at the same time as a wild symbol lands on the third wheel. Then these three symbols together create a winning for you. So wild symbols are valuable in videoslots in such a way that they can contribute to more profits.
  • Scatter Symbols – Scatter symbols are valuable for a variety of reasons but their functions can differ from one slot machine to another. The most common is that a scatter symbol generates free spins rounds.
    That is when you get three or more scatter symbols in one and the same spin. The symbols are also usually free from the fixed pay line, which means that they can end up anywhere on the wheel rows and still generate free spins.
  • Free spins – deluxe slot machines and free spins basically go hand in hand. In almost every casino slot game you have the opportunity to win a number of free spins. You do it either through free spins symbols or through another special symbol/function such as scatters.
    Free spins are valuable in that they give players free chances to win, so you can win real winnings without playing for your own money.

Different kinds of slot machines “free pokies” and videoslots

To maximize your gaming experience when it comes to videoslot games. It’s good to know what kind of alternatives you have.

The most common options are video slot, classic slot machine and slot machines with progressive jackpots. What is distinguishing these options from each other are simply their features, bonuses, looks and layouts. They work the same way, you spin the wheels to bring home winning combinations.

Whatever you choose, you should base the decision on simplicity, novelty and profits. If you want the simplest as possible, then it is the classic slot game you should choose.

Best big win slot machines if you want to play on an online slot that focuses on big winnings and jackpots, you should choose a progressive jackpot videoslot. If you instead think most about entertainment, cool bonuses and exclusive graphics and design, videoslots are something for you.

Take a look below and we will tell you a little more about these three clean slots.

Classic slot machines and progressive jackpots

If you are a nostalgic player who wants to dream back to the simple slot machines days. Classic slot machines are your ultimate choice. These are similar to those found in reality. Often there are only 3 wheels, few pay lines and a colourful fruit theme. These slot machines are scaled-down and basically have no bonus features.

However, this does not mean that it is difficult to win or that they are boring. Many simply prefer simple classic slot machines that only have coin winnings and jokers in the feature section.

Slot machines with progressive jackpots, on the other hand, are a little different.

These are usually larger machines and in addition to massive slot machine jackpots. They can sometimes include some bonuses. Many have actually become billionaires at these slot machines online and today almost all game developers launch such slots.

Examples of jackpot slots that have awarded huge winnings are Mega Fortune and Cosmic Fortune, created by the game giant NetEnt.

Different types of online pokies

With modern technology and game makers who dare to think outside the box. We get to see new cool solutions every month for the games they deliver.

One of the first online slot games that stood out a bit from the crowd was Gonzo’s Quest. Where you walked away from the usual spinning reels and instead they let the big stones fall.

NetEnt then switched up further in slots heaven with Finn and the Swirly Spin where the symbols come spinning in a spiral moving towards the centre.

Other games that push the limit for what we’re used to seeing are Max Damage and Max Quest: Wrath of Ra where it’s more like an old arcade game where you have to kill enemies to win money.

New slots NZ also give us more free spins, better special features, spartan slots and fun bonus games. What will be the next step? Fully interactive real money slots with 3D glasses?

casino jefe

The spanish cat invites you on a casino adventure

  • $300 casino bonus
  • 11 free spins (before deposit!)

To keep in mind when choosing a prime slot site

There are many things to consider when looking for the best slots casinos. When you play at a casino that is featured on our site, you can expect it to be serious and secure. There are a wide variety of casinos out there and they all provide different kinds of pokies online.

For example, some casino sites provide more jackpot slots than others, while other casinos focus on slots from New Zealand game developers. You should also consider the features that the casinos can offer, as well as the other gaming portfolio.

What features are available at the slot casino?

When choosing a casino, it is important that you take a closer look at the site’s functionality. It should meet your needs when it comes to the gaming experience. For example, you should make sure the casino is easily navigated, but apart from that you should also check:

  • Demo versions of slots. Many casinos let you test play free slots today, Thanks to demo versions, you can try different free online slots without risking your own money.
  • All slots on your mobile casino. Even though most network cartridges today are a mobile casino, you should take some time to look into this. How does the casino feel on mobile? Do you prefer to play via the browser or through the app?
  • Favourite selection. Is there a way to favourite slots so you can find them next time? This is a feature that many of today’s slot machine players appreciate.
  • Different variants of online slots. There are many different types of slot machines or pokies today, all with different looks and features. Before choosing a casino, you should consider what types of new slot machines you prefer and the strength of control to the casino services them.

Some common slot categories are:

  • Videoslots: This is the most common online casino slot category today. This includes modern casino slots, often with animations and 3D, all of which offer high-quality graphics. They often include many bonus features that take the excitement to new levels.
  • Jackpot Slots: Jackpot slots, or progressive slots as they are called, contain pots that at any time can be won by a player in the bonus game. A small portion of each bet players make ends up in the pot Which means they can end up in the millions.
  • Classic slots: The category of classic slots machines includes games that are similar to traditional slot machines and often have simpler features.

Something that is extra important for players today is the software. For example, many players in New Zealand prefer software from renowned game developers, such as NetEnt and Yggdrasil. Other big casino game providers are for example Playtech and Microgaming.

Alternatives to online slot games

If you are looking for something as simple and exciting like online slots, video poker and scratch cards may be something to look into. In video poker, you bet money, spin the machine and hope for a good poker hand.

This type of game is also a good entry point for anyone interested in poker.

You can maximize the gaming experience in the online slot games

Some online casinos use something called castle tournaments. By participating in this, you can take your gaming experience to entirely new levels – here you compete against other players to win extra-large slot machine prize money.

The goal of these tournaments varies, but can, for example, be about collecting as much money as is spent on selected slots within a certain time frame.

However, you do not play for your own money, instead, you pay a fee and get a certain number to play for.