Casino Bonuses in New Zealand!

Welcome to Dingoslots top list for casino bonuses in New Zealand. It can be difficult to know how the casino bonuses work; therefore, we have gathered New Zealand’s top-rated casino bonuses all on one page and we’ll teach you everything you need to know.

Here you will be able to find an online casino bonus that suits you. It doesn´t matter if you are looking for a free casino bonus or a 100% first deposit bonus, we got you covered! Remember as well, there is no limit on how many deals you can take advantage of.

Lucky Dino

Play real money before deposit

  • $5 casino bonus (before deposit)
  • 30 free spins


The casino for me and you

  • 300 bonus
    • 200 free spins


The new lottery casino in town!

  • 100% up to $200 casino bonus
    • 50 (10 per day) free spins!
      • Low, competitive wagering requirements!


Generous free spins welcome offer

  • $1 000 casino bonus
  • 50 free spins

Hello casino

Generous welcome offer

  • $1 500 casino bonus
  • 50 free spins

Split Aces

True real life casino experience

  • 400 % up to $1 000 casino bonus
  • 20 free spins

Spin up

Tons of slots at your fingertips

  • 300 % up to $1 000 casino bonus
  • 100 free spins


Excellent bonus and create your own avatar

  • 100 % up to $ 500 casino bonus
  • 200 free spins

My chance

Current all time high jackpot

  • $1 000 casino bonus
  • 70 free spins

Casino Jefe

The spanish cat invites you on a casino adventure

  • $300 casino bonus
  • 11 free spins (before deposit!)


One of the big casino adventures

  • 100 % up to $2 000 casino bonus
  • 20 free spins


Real rewards - No bullshit

  • 200 % up to $50 casino bonus
  • 50 free spins


Modern casino with fast withdrawal

  • $850 casino bonus
  • 20 free spins


Casino in the bush

  • $5 000 casino bonus
  • 50 free spins


Play Ouroboros

  • $100 casino bonus
  • 20 free spins


Rising star in gaming

  • Up to 12 000 Volt points
  • 300 Cash spins


A generous welcome package

  • $500 casino bonus
  • 20 free spins

Vegas casino

Las Vegas style online casino

  • $500 casino bonus
  • 20 free spins

Voodoo dreams

Fast withdrawals. Easy to play.

  • $1 000 casino bonus
  • 200 free spins

NY spins

Big city life experience

  • $1 000 casino bonus
  • 200 free spins


Sports - Casino - Poker

  • 200 % up to $50 casino bonus
  • 20 free spins

Wild Jackpots

Generous slot -and casino park with 600+ games

  • 200 % casino bonus
  • Free spins on Book of dead


All you need from an online casino at one place

  • 50 % up to $500 casino bonus
  • 50 free spins


Become a Cherry winner

  • 200 free spins


A truly magical casino

  • Welcome treasure chest

Over 1 000 games - King

  • up to 200 % casino bonus
  • 30 free spins


Great mobile app & no account

  • 200 % up to $500 casino bonus
  • 50 free spins


Play online lottery online

  • $500 casino bonus
  • 50 free spins


A new casino experience is brewing

  • $210 casino bonus
  • 210 free spins


Easy and fun

  • 100 % up to $100 casino bonus
  • 5 free spins


Explore the world of Guts

  • 100+ free spins


Great mobile app & 10% cashback

  • 100 % up to $100 casino bonus
  • 11 free spins


Be good. Be bad. Be yourself.

  • 200 % up to $50 casino bonus
  • 50 free spins


Make your move

  • $50 casino bonus
  • 50 free spins

Different kinds of online casino bonus:

Something to be vigilant about is that casino bonuses that give you over 300-400% casino bonus may have special conditions and requirements. Which means that it can sometimes be a little difficult to take out any winnings.

If you ask us, a good casino bonus 2020 should be easy to wager and completely without any complicated bonus requirements. So now, let us guide you through the different types of casino bonuses.

Casino deposit bonus

A deposit bonus casino is a bonus you receive when you make a deposit at a casino. This is usually a certain percentage of your deposit. Usually, it ranges between 50-300% bonus on the amount that you deposited.

A deposit bonus typically comes with some demands, so-called wagering requirements. It means that you must bet the amount of the bonus multiplied by the wagering requirement.

  • For example, if you get 10 NZD in deposit bonus and the requirement is 20 times wagering requirement, it means that you need to win and wager your 10 NZD to 200NZD. Only then you will be able to withdraw winnings from your deposit bonus. 

So, when searching: it´s not only important to look for a casino with a high deposit bonus, but also with reasonable wagering requirements. At Dingoslots we always specify wagering requirements in our list.

In some cases, you can also get a deposit bonus without wagering requirements which gives you, as a player a unique opportunity to easily win on your bonus money.

Casino welcome bonus

A welcome bonus, or a welcome offer at a casino, is the bonus you receive as the first casino bonus, as a new customer. This bonus is usually very generous, and we recommend you to carefully decide which welcome bonus is best for you.

Not to forget, even when it comes to welcome bonuses, wagering requirements are something you need to have in mind so you can find your best welcome bonus.

Normally, a casino gives you a certain number of free spins and a percentage bonus on your deposit, sometimes you can also get more than just free spins and bonuses.

For example, VR-glasses, headphones and much more as a welcome bonus. So, take your time when choosing, with the competition that prevails, there are many casinos with a good deposit bonus and some cases with a welcome bonus without deposit, so-called” free casino bonus”

Free casino bonus

In some cases, you actually get a free bonus casino without deposit. This is normally a part of a welcome bonus and something you get when you sign up as a new customer. The bonus can involve a certain number of free spins or even a total where you choose which games you should play.

It can be 100,200,300,400 or even 500 in deposit bonus which means you get a deposit bonus risk free. Take a look on our list with 100 NZ for free if you are interested to give it a try.

A casino bonus that started in 2017 and quickly became more and more common over the years is the extra bonuses. This gives you as a player something extra, something outside the game. For example, movie tickets or tickets to exciting sports events. Given that bonuses often involve certain requirements, It is always important to read the terms of an offer, to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Find the country´s best online casino bonus at Dingoslots 2019

The number of welcome offers online Is like walking in a jungle; therefore, you need a guide to help you through all the bonuses, gives you all the right facts and helps you to find New Zealand’s best casino bonus. This is exactly what we at do. We hope that we facilitate your search a lot.

On our leaderboard you will find bonus amounts, the number of free spins and the wagering requirements that apply to each bonus and free spins. In addition, you will see a few points about the company.

We want you to feel safe when choosing casino bonuses, therefore we always work to give you as a player a transparent view on everything involved in the gaming industry. Especially when it comes to casino bonuses, which will lead to better conditions for everyone. With more information, it´s easier to make a conscious choice

Casino bonuses that suit everyone

Even if you just are a beginner or a pro, you should play with a casino bonus.

When you make your first deposit you will get more money to play for and with it increase your chances of winning, which is the goal when playing online casino.

There are different kinds of casino bonuses, the most common one is activated by a deposit. There are also free casino bonuses that you get immediately when you sign up as a new player.

Below we will go through wagering requirements, bonus amount and conditions. It may sound a bit difficult at first, but no need to worry. We will learn you all about casino bonuses and games on the internet.

How does casino bonus work?

A casino bonus for a new player is usually called a welcome bonus and It Is by far the most common bonus form.

You receive a bonus on your first deposit, it can vary in size. Usually, your first deposit Is doubled and the most common word to describe this is a 100% bonus. For example, if you deposit 30 NZD, you will instead receive 60nzd to play for. Your money and your chances of winning are doubled, completely free.

Casino bonuses of various sizes are often defined as a percentage and applied to a certain amount. For example, a 100% casino bonus up to 100nzd is the total bonus amount that the bonus can give you.

A bonus of 200% triples your deposit, a 300% bonus quadruples your deposit and so on. Many sites offer a welcome package, with multiple deposits bonuses. A common example is that you get a casino bonus on your 4 or 5 deposit. The new members are the ones who are prioritized for bonus offers, many people visit new casinos at regular intervals.

Four things to consider

  1. Per cent Bonus

The percentage in your casino bonus is what determines how much money you receive. 100% bonus means a doubling and 200% means triple as much money as you deposit.

  1. Free Spins

In our list, we have many casinos that offer free spins, either completely free or when you deposit money. Getting a bonus with both free spins and per cent bonus gives you an extra big chance to win.

  1. FREE Bonus

At Dingoslots you will also find casinos that offer a casino bonus for free, without having to deposit money. This is a great way to test your casinos. It is always important to feel comfortable before you start playing for your own money.

  1. Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are at least as important as the bonus itself. Our lists always specify wagering requirements and you can easily see how many times your bonus needs to be put into play – it is important to see that you have a reasonable chance of winning on your bonus money.

 Casino bonus 2020 – What trends do we see?

The absolute biggest trend we have seen for casino bonuses 2018 is that several are without wagering requirements. This means that the winnings from your casino bonus do not have to be wagered at all before you can withdraw the money you win. However, it is important to remember that the bonus amount itself is rarely possible to withdraw. In other words, you cannot deposit 100nzd, get the 100 extras in and then take out the whole amount.

Usually, it works like this:

You make a deposit and get your money doubled.

First, you play with your own money, because the bonus is not active yet.

If or when your own cash runs out, you will immediately receive your bonus

All you win in addition to the bonus amount is wager free and ready to be withdrawn to your bank account.

Free casino bonus

The most popular bonus is, of course, a free casino bonus without deposit. The bonus is credited immediately to your account after registration and no deposits are required to take part in this bonus.

As you may understand a casino bonus of that kind is not so great, but since you don’t have to deposit any own money to take advantage of the bonus there is no risk that you will lose any money, you can only walk away as a winner. Usually, a free casino bonus with no deposit gives you a small sum of approximately 100-200 NZD that you get to use as you like at all casino games. Important to keep in mind is that there are usually relatively high wagering requirements for free casino bonuses, which we will return to later.

Casino bonuses with no requirements

Why would a gaming company hand out free casino bonus with no deposit required? Gaming companies want you to register an account, and the hope, of course, that you later will come back and make a deposit. As we mentioned before, the online casino world is like walking in a jungle, all sites want YOU to play their games. That´s why companies hand out welcome offers so you can´t stay away, even if they lose on It short-term. Because of this, these kinds of bonuses often include wagering requirements, which means that it may be harder to win and get your winnings, than if you were to play with your own money. That said, we should emphasize that a casino bonus when registering is something extremely good because it can only result in a win and not in a loss.

Casino Bonus Free Spins

A popular variation of free casino bonuses is free spins (more information on free spins here). These are either directly registered or on your first deposit and vary from offer to offer.

Many gaming companies today have chosen to add free spins to the more common bonus offers. In some cases, gaming sites have completely replaced the bonus in the form of bonus money for a larger amount of casino bonus free spins and it has proven to be effective in attracting new players to the site.

You can only use your free spins on the specific slot machine that the casino is offering. The advantage of the casino bonus free spins is that you can try out the casino’s most popular slot machine for free and there´s no limit on how much you can win. It can also be helpful for new players to see which slot is recommended by the gaming site. As a new player, you can get between 10 and 60 casino bonus free spins when you sign up.

The question is: Free Spins or casino bonus? But there is no direct answer. Some people say that with a free casino bonus, you can play whatever games you want, and the choice is bigger. That said, you tend to get more for your money when playing for free spins, which also weighs into the debate. As we mentioned earlier, it is a combination of everything that you should look for.

Casino deposit bonus 200%

As mentioned earlier in the text, it is a good idea to use a casino deposit bonus when playing casino on the Internet. Because you get more money to pay for. With a 200% casino bonus, your chances of winning increase further as your deposit doubles. There are several casinos that offer new players a deposit bonus of 200% and we have ranked the sites below.

Casino Bonus 200% – Choose a casino with low wagering requirements and it’s easier to win!

On this page you can take advantage of as many offers as you like, we have ranked New Zealand’s best casino deposit bonuses and of course, there are plenty of free games to download. A tip can be to sign up on several different game pages and take advantage of their 200% welcome bonuses. This way you can filter out the sites that don’t come to your liking and find your favourite in the Casino jungle!

Casino Bonus Codes

Bonus codes are widely used to receive various offers on the Internet or in land-based stores, but in the casino market, they have disappeared more and moreover the years.

It is not an effective or modern way of working. The codes have instead been replaced by so-called bonus links. Dingoslots has actively chosen to work exclusively with bonus links, which means that our players do not have to risk signing the wrong bonus. Everything is already programmed in the link.

Casino bonus links

Those who search for casino bonus links have come to the right side. All links that take you to a casino from Dingoslots are fully charged with exclusive offers.  These links are exactly as good as bonus codes, so instead of entering numbers when you register an account, you can easily just click on one of our links and everything is done automatically.