Video Slot Machines: what are they and how do you begin to play on them?

video slot machine

Video Slot Machines [GUIDE]

Video Slot Machines are a much-loved source of entertainment in our modern world, but do you know how to play them effectively? Here we will take an in-depth view of what you need to know to have the best chance of winning the jackpot. 

What Are They?

Video slot machines are similar to the traditional slot machine; however, they have significant benefits due to their electronic nature. For example, rather than three reels, video slot machines have many variations. You will often find at least five columns and three rows for play.

Additionally, game designers have created patterns to allow multiple pay lines – also known as a winning or betting line. The original slot machine has only one on the middle row. Each Video Slot has its own unique number of pay lines, sometimes up to 100s on one video slot.

In addition to these technical improvements, they provide a more interactive and entertaining experience. 

How Do They Work?

Let’s imagine the pay lines are like a grid. There are five columns and three rows, which form 15 spots for symbols. 

If you were to select one box from each column, place a dot in it, and connect each dot with a line, you would form a line across the grid. It won’t be straight, but it is a line. By doing this, you have created a line of pay. Now, all you need is the right combination of symbols for a win.

Each symbol has it’s own worth, which is increased with the number of lines played. The symbols are designed to tell us the storyline, unique to the machine. However, regardless of the storyline, each machine has wild symbols, bonuses, and scatter pays. 

How Are They Played?

Whether you are playing a video slot machine in a casino or an online casino, they work in precisely the same way.

To play a video slot machine, you first select the number of lines to play and then select the bet for each line. Regardless of the machine, each pay line is numbered, making the selection process straightforward. We recommend starting with five or fewer lines.

The minimum bet allowed varies based on the machine; you need to select the one that suits our bank balance and budget best.

Machines are configured to remember our choices. If you select the automatic option, you can sit back and watch the reels spin – but where is the fun in that?

The Expected Payout

Video slot machines use a random number generator (RNG) that selects the image to display – which is entirely down to chance. This is why you should play more than one pay line as it increases our winning odds.

Additionally, the amount you bet per line boosts our overall potential return. Each machine will display the symbols and their payouts, so it is easy to work it all out.

Before You Play

We suggest playing more than one pay line to increase your odds of winning. It’s best to play a maximum of five pay lines – ensuring you still have money to stay in the game. 

Before you choose a machine, you should check the number of pay lines you can play and the minimum bet amount allowed. Make sure you understand the payout amounts of each symbol before you spin. Good luck!

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